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One man's search for truth uncovers that which could

forever alter society. 

Set in Seattle, Soulless approaches the philosophical, ethical, and emotional sides of a budding paradigm shift... and the consequences those closest to it will face.


Read at @ Tapastic.


Soulless is my ongoing, online graphic-novel. It updates in scenes or partial scenes on a semi-frequent basis -- none of that page-at-a-time stuff. (I strive to have at least one or two updates a month.)

The story is one I feel very strongly about and think deserves telling; it's about choices, about technology in a society unprepared, and about the complex horror that can rise from the simplest roots.

It's not conventional in setup or structure, but it is my hope to show my readers that things don't need to be...

Soulless is a two-part story. We're currently in Part 1. Once Part 1 is complete I intend to run a Kickstarter to hopefully get it published in a physical format. And Part 2? That's where the whole game changes...


Check out Soulless's tumblr for comic updates, art, and more.

Use facebook?  You can stay on top of updates there as well.

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