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I enjoy drawing animals, and enjoy drawing biomecha.  Seeing a set together in a series seemed like an interesting thing to try... and apparently a lot of people agreed!

Mechanimals are part of an experimental series of art I'm creating. 

Currently they are limited to convention-exclusive 8.5x11 prints. These prints, which are professionally printed on high-quality stock, will always be exclusive to convention sales. Other items may be offered in the future, but the 8.5x11 prints will always be a convention-only item.

I am totally open to suggestions of what creatures to focus on next ; my newer sets have all been based on what con-goers said they wanted to see! Let me know if there's an animal you'd like to see in an upcoming set! 

Would you like to see more Mechanimal stuff? Maybe a book, maybe on a shirt? I'm debating what steps to take next with this series of work -- your input is needed! 

I've also had people ask me about commissions of this type, and tattoo designs. I am available to do either, but the terms and timetables will vary. Please contact me if you're interested.

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